10 Shocking Stories Of People Who Discovered They Were Kidnapped

Christi And Bobby Baskin

Christi and Bobby Baskin were abducted from their Murfreesboro, Tennessee home by their grandparents, Marvin Maple and Sandra Maple. This occurred on March 1st, 1989, after the grandparents were granted temporary custody due to a legal trial against their parents. After the trial was dropped and custody was given back to the children’s parents, the grandparents didn’t want to give them back, thus fled to California, where they opted to homeschool the children as to not be caught. The entire ploy was discovered when their grandfather confessed to a friend what he had did.

Sun Bin

Sun Bin was raised in a home in Jiangsu province in China living with the belief he was adopted. He never really asked any questions about his real parents. At the age of 27, he wanted to find out more and opted for DNA testing which led him to find out that he was kidnapped by human traffickers and sold to who he came to know as parents at a vegetable market.