10 Shocking Movies Posters That Misled Audiences

A Bronx Tale

Almost nothing on the movie poster for A Bronx Tale actually represents what happens in the film itself. Robert De Niro is not in a starring role for one, despite his large presence on the poster and his name getting top billing. The text accompanying the picture also gives a false story to what really happens as De Niro’s character does not go up against the gangster, who is actually trying to get his son out of a life of crime. To top it off, the son never has to run away from an explosion as shown on the poster.

Godzilla vs. Megalon

There are a few things that are wrong about the poster for the 1979 movie Godzilla vs Megalon. While most monster films of this kind tend to exaggerate the size of the creatures to gigantic figures, this poster actually makes them look much smaller than they really are. The poster also depicts Godzilla and Megalon as fighting on the World Trade Center buildings, suggesting that the events may take place in the United States when in fact the movie is based entirely in Japan.