10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex

Fat Guys Last Longer

This one might be the most surprising fact of them all. Whenever asked about their ideal man, women will give you responses such as tall, dark and in a great physical shape. But they may be approaching the whole thing completely wrong as studies have shown that fat guys last much longer. Turkish scientists did a study monitoring sexual performance of 100 men in a time frame of a year. They discovered that skinny men could hold off from ejaculating for an average of only 108 seconds while fatter guys could last for over 7 minutes.

It Would Take One Man Only Two Weeks To Impregnate The World

Studies have shown that an average man is capable of impregnating every fertile woman alive on earth in just two weeks. It is, of course, an impossible task, but it shows quite well just how much sperm the average human male produces. If there was a way to extract each sperm individually and fertilize the egg, it would take 14 days to do it.