10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Sex

Penises Bend In Many Weird Ways

Amsterdam is one of the world’s sex capitals and the Dutch are very open and vocal about sex. So, when their scientists got their hands on an MRI scanner they decided to put it to good use by seeing what couples having sex looked like on the inside. The photos that came back where deeply disturbing for the male population. What they discovered is that penises bend in some very uncomfortable ways inside the vagina. First, upon entering, the penis makes a 90 degrees turn which bends it into an L shape which can later go into different shapes during the intercourse. Ouch.

Fetuses Are Able To Get Erections

Pregnancy is both a gift and a very weird time for every woman. The body swells, there’s bizarre cravings and you’re basically waiting for a human to pop out of you. The miracle of life, right? Well, there’s still quite a few things that are quite disgusting when it comes to the whole thing, one of them being that if you’re carrying a little baby boy around in you, there’s a chance he’s having an erection right now. According to doctors, fetuses can get erections as early as 16 weeks.