10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Michelangelo

The Sistine Chapel Almost Wasn’t His

While today he may be one of the most famous artists in history, he wasn’t always considered the greatest. Fellow Renaissance painters, including the great Rafael, were so threatened by Michelangelo’s talent, convinced Pope Julius to hire Michelangelo, in an effort to sabotage his career. He was a sculptor after all. Michelangelo nearly didn’t accept the job, thinking of himself exclusively as a sculptor, but eventually took it, creating one of the greatest Renaissance masterpieces in 4 years and claiming his spot at the top.

His Nose Was Broken By A Jealous Rival

When Michelangelo was a teenager, he lived and studied in Lorenzo de’Medici’s home. Many became envious of the young artist’s talents and one in particular, Pietro Torrigiano, punched Michelangelo’s face, crushing the superior one’s nose.