10 Shocking Examples of Extreme Self-Love

Ronaldo Spends $30,000 For Own Wax Figure

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo spent US $30,000 to have waxwork made of himself, to be displayed in his Spanish mansion.

Real Madrid superstar hired British wax sculptor Michael Wade to make the replica of a similar statue of himself in Spain’s Museum of Wax. The original waxwork has been in the museum since 2013, and Ronaldo sends his own hairstylist to brush the sculpture’s hair once a month.

Dwayne Johnson Holds Record For Most Selfies Taken

There is an self-love act that Guinness recognizes — which is the most number of selfies taken in under 3 minutes. During the 2015 premiere of ‘San Andreas’ in London, England, Dwayne Johnson took 105 selfies in under the 3-minute timeframe. The Guinness representative authenticated the achievement. Johnson said that the selfie record gave his arm one ‘hellova workout’.