10 Secret CIA Prisons You Do Not Want To Visit

Camp Lemonnier Djibouti

Djibouti is a very important strategic location for America as it is very close to terrorist hot spots, primarily Somalia and Yemen. It is also known to be a CIA camp that’s used as a torture zone or more nicely put, an interrogation site. It is believed that the site has been used by the Obama administration as well and the site has been slowly expanding over the last five years.

Antaviliai, Lithuania

The CIA camp in Antaviliai is situated only 10 miles away from the capital of Lithuania. The camp is an abandoned riding school situated in a small village which was bought by Elite LLC, an American company from Washington. Witnesses have stated that they have seen American officers digging an underground camp on the property. In 2009, anonymous CIA agents came forward and confessed about the Antaviliai camp being used to interrogations and torturing of eight suspected terrorists in 2007.