10 Ridiculous Works Of Art You’re Supposed To Take Seriously

My Bed

‘My Bed’ by British artist Tracey Emin was created in 1998 and displayed at Tate Gallery in 1999. The work was one of the shortlisted artworks for the Turner Prize.

The artwork consisted of the artist’s bed and mundane bedroom objects, along with menstrual period stains, slippers, and condoms. Tracey Emin said the bed had been in that state during her depression phase brought about by her relationship difficulties.

‘My Bed’ was sold for 150,000 pounds by Charles Saatchi.

Non-Visible Art

The Museum of Non-Visible Art caters to art that exists only in our imaginations–hence, it is non-visible. A lot of people actually visit the museum and the establishment assures you that all of its works are 100% real. In fact, a woman paid $10,000 for an artpiece entitled ‘Fresh Air’. Sounds just about right.