10 Ridiculous Purchases Made By People With Too Much Money

A Hotel Stay

Apparently drugs weren’t expensive enough, so this country singer decided to stay at a semi-rehabilitation facility that caters to the whims of the rich and needy. Costing almost $6,000 per night, this facility caters to those who suffer from anxiety and stress and allow them to live in the moment. I can imagine why she has stress and anxiety when shes spending that much money per night on accommodation. Seems like a vicious circle.

Greek Island

Thanks to Greek’s crippling debt you can pick up a nice private island for under $5 million. When the rich get richer they certainly mean it. Not that its hard for Brad Pitt and his wife to afford this little slice of paradise, it certainly helps when the economy is in the tank and you sell your home for $6.5 million to finance the move. An island and spare change; quite the good deal.