10 Reasons You Need To Clean Out You Freezer And Refrigerator

You Don’t Know How Long It’s Been Frozen

Do you know how long that leftover steak has been in there? How about those berries? When in doubt, throw it out. You’ll probably see that saying at least one more time in this article. If you can’t remember what it is or when you froze it it’s a good bet it’s trash. Remember to write the date on it next time. You can find a list of recommended storage times by searching the FDA website.

Your Freezer Is Too Full

If you have your freezer crammed too full of food, there is a chance that it is not running properly, and if it isn’t running properly your food could be freezing too slowly and getting bacteria growing in it. If your freezer is jammed full, it’s definitely time to clean it out. Take inventory of what you put back in it, toss the bad stuff, and thaw some of it out for dinner for the next two days!