10 Real Supervillain Projects You Never Knew About

Saddam Hussein’s Supergun

In the late 1980s during the Iran-Iran War, Saddam Hussein wanted to be in the possession of the strongest, most powerful weapon in the world. So he hired a Canadian physicist and engineer Gerald Bull who created a plan to build supergun by the name of Babylon. The gun would fire artillery shells thousands of kilometers and would be able to fire satellites into orbit. However, before he was able to actually make the supergun the engineer was killed and Saddam invaded Kuwait and was defeated by the US.

Stealth Satellites

Another great US military idea was a program called Misty that was actually a series of satellites arranged to go into space in order to spy on enemies. It was arranged so that these satellites couldn’t be seen through telescopes or tracked with radar. However, its secrecy was short-lived as it was soon spotted by even the amateur astronomers. The project was canceled in 2007.