10 Of The Worst Smells In The World


The Durian is a fruit that is indigenous to Malaysia, but is very common in South East Asia. While a large number of people living in South East Asia like this fruit, most individuals find it to have an awful smell. Some people have described the smell of Durian to resemble the smell of rotting onions, feces and turpentine mixed together with awful smelling gym socks. This fruit smells so bad because it emits 44 terrible smelling compounds such as methanethiol and ethanethiol.


Zorilla, a carnivorous mammal, has a closer relationship to the polecat of Eurasia, but looks like the North American skunk. The reason people should keep their distance when it comes to the mammal is the unpleasant strong smelling fluid that it ejects from the anal glands as a defense mechanism against the predators, a fluid that can also blind the predator temporarily.