10 Of The Weirdest Jobs In The World

Professional Sleepers

This one sounds like the best job in the world – to sleep and get paid for it, who would turn this job down? Hotels pay people to test their beds and then write reports about their experience in order to know if the service they offer to their guests is up to the standard. The requirements are quite simple – to be fluent in the official language of the hotel and being fond of sleeping. The job ads for this kind of position are still quite rare, but in the meantime you can always also opt for medical studies and get hired by doctors and researchers to help them in sleep studies.

Sex Toy Testers

If you are feeling adventurous, you can start a career in sex toy testing which pays approximately $39,000 a year. The advantage is you can work from home and also get a lot of freebies in toys, lingerie and products designed to fulfill specific fetish niches. Companies that produce sex toys hire people to test their products in order to see if they are effective and if they are going to sell well.