10 Of The Wackiest Political Parties In The World

McGillicuddy Serious Party (New Zealand)

This satirical political party took the position of fun to the extreme. In fact, they built their campaign around not taking anything seriously and had a court jester as their logo to show it! How did they choose candidates? Through some fun games, of course. Once, they had a giant game of musical chairs and chose the last one sitting as their candidate.

Some of the many hilarious policies of McGillicuddy Serious Party: full unemployment (or unemployment through slavery), using beer as National Defense strategy, good weather for good voters, replacing currency with chocolate, fish or sand, and a scheme to have New Zealand wiped off maps around the world so they’d never risk being invaded!

Happiness Realization Party (Japan)

Politics and happiness usually mix like oil and water, but this official political party stands for religious tolerance, a nuclear-free world and the ideals of love, compassion and self-responsibility. A self-identified conservative party, they also want to lower taxes, which the promise of has (surprisingly) not given them any seats.

Best promise of the Happiness Realization Party manifesto: the aim to grow the Japanese population by making child-rearing more comfortable for women and become key players as world leaders. If their aim at making child-rearing more comfortable came with daily back and butt massages during pregnancy and free child care, they just might get one of those seats after all.