10 Of The Strangest Safety Campaigns Ever Made

Distraction Free Driving

In a bid to emphasize how important it was for drivers to focus on the road while driving and not get distracted by other things, the New Zealand Transport Agency ran the “Focus on the road, not me” campaign. Unfortunately it kind of defeated the entire purpose of the message as it had a man dressed up trying to grab the attention of drivers, and thereby distracting them, while they were moving past him.

Farming Hazards

The National Farmers’ Union, a United Kingdom organization representing those who work on farms, began a campaign known as Yellow Wellies in in March of 2015. It involved educating members about the dangers of working in the farming industry, where injuries account for up to 20 of all workplace accidents in the country. What made it strange though, is that they got the famous band The Wurzels to re-record their hit song “Combine Harvester” with new lyrics and an accompanying music video.