10 Of The Strangest Christmas Mysteries

The Pleasant Valley Memorial Park Jane Doe

On December 18th, a female body was found lying at the cemetery in Annandale, Virginia. She was approximately 60 years old and carried no identification, and her body was pumped with prescription drugs. Brandy and Valium were found in her system. Next to her was a note saying: “Deceased by own hand… prefer no autopsy. Jane Doe.” The murder scene was particularly interesting, containing many weird clues about the woman’s background. There was a small decorated Christmas tree next to her and a portable tape player with headphone plugged on. Her body was found in the part of the cemetery where infants who didn’t survive were typically buried.

The Murder Of Rhonda Hinson

Nineteen-year-old Rhonda Hinson was murdered on December 22nd, 1981, after attending a company Christmas party. She died from someone firing a bullet that traveled through the trunk and the driver’s seat and then into Rhonda’s heart. What was never explained about Rhonda’s murder was a mystery man witnesses spotted standing next to her car around the time of her death. Rhonda’s parents also told the police she was acting strange just days before the murder occurred.