10 Of The Sexiest Female Video Game Characters

Samus Aran

Many people still don’t realize that the hero from Metroid Prime is not any burly space marine in a suit but actually a woman called Samus Aran. The reveal was made right at the end of the first game, shocking players who had no idea about the identity of the protagonist. Having appeared in a number of critically acclaimed games and as one of Nintendo’s major mascots, Samus is easily one of the hottest video game characters ever made thanks to both her looks and ability to fight off alien hordes.


From her first appearance in Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, Cortana has gone on to become more realistic and curvy in each subsequent title. As an artificial intelligence, she has no need of clothes though she isn’t really nude either as she has no sex organs, but she has gone on to become something of a romantic figure to the main character Master Chief.