10 Of The Most Shocking And Saddest Catfish Stories Ever

Woman Creates Fake Profiles And Kills Them Off

Another bizarre and somewhat sad catfish story came from a woman named Natalia Burgess of Aukland, New Zealand. The woman fooled a lot of boys, creating dozens of fake profiles and creating elaborate stories to get the boys to fall in love. Just as they were about to meet, she would ‘kill off’ her characters and revel on the grief on their memorial page. For her deception, Natalia has been sentenced to 2 years and 2 months in prison.

Football Star’s Girlfriend Dies

One of the weirdest stories come from a somewhat famous sports figure. It was reported in news that Manti Te’o’s girlfriend died — and later on, we found out she didn’t die after all — because she didn’t exist!

The whole world got duped along with Manti Te’o. They thought Manti was scamming everyone, but it was later found that he was the real victim here. Te’o’s girlfriend was a catfish — and was actually a guy!

The man behind the fake girlfriend claims he was in love with Manti Te’o. He made clear that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone and has never even tried to get money out of the whole hoax. He claims the deception stemmed from the trauma from child sexual abuse.