10 Of The Most Shocking And Saddest Catfish Stories Ever

Parent Makes Fake Profile To Fool Daughter’s Friend

Lori Drew’s daughter had a fight with her friend Megan Meier, which resulted in a falling out. Mommy Drew thought that the best thing to do was to create a fake boy’s profile for revenge. The sad thing about the whole thing was the fact that the whole deception was done by an adult, who was supposed to be a responsible and mature parent.

The mother and daughter created a fake MySpace profile under the name ‘Josh Evans’. The master plan was to create a fake relationship with Megan in order to screw and manipulate her. Eventually, the fake boy said a lot of horrible things to Megan, which was believed to have led to the girl’s suicide.

Man Overdoses After Yet Another Canceled Date

Brandon Wentzell was a typical 19-year-old teenager — he had a lot of friends, went to parties, and occasionally did drugs. He also went into online dating, where he met Clarissa in a dating website ‘Plenty of Fish’.

Things seem to be going well between the two. The girl sent him pictures and even introduced him to his brother, and the two became online friends as well. However, Clarissa also had an obsessive ex-boyfriend who would send him threats and insults.

Despite numerous attempts to meet in person, the girl always seem to end up canceling last minute. After a particular canceled date Brandon had been excited about, he got so depressed, he drank a bottle of vodka and popped a couple of pills. The lethal combination led to his untimely death.

After Brandon’s death, the mother contacted the fake girlfriend, and the catfish panicked that she even claimed to be her own mother, saying that her ‘daughter’ had killed herself when she found out that Brandon had died.