10 Of The Most Bizarre And Unexplained Disappearances

MV Joyita Crew

One of the creepiest maritime mysteries is what happened to MV Joyita on 1955. The ship has been at sea for a month, but was discovered near Fiji, 600 miles from her intended route, partly submerged and abandoned.

All the 25 people on board completely disappeared — but the abandoned boat left many distressing clues. The engine was covered by mattresses, there were bloodied bandages, all lifeboats were missing and all clocks on the MV Joyita froze at 10:25. No one knew the fate of the crew.

Amelia Earhart

One of the most famous human disappearance story is that of the famous female aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart. In 1937, she disappeared mysteriously after attempting to fly over the Pacific Ocean. She and her navigator was never found.

There were plenty of conspiracy theories regarding her disappearance, such as crashing at sea or being stranded on an island or being captured by the Japanese military. None of the theories were ever validated.