10 Of The Creepiest Places In Texas That Will Haunt Your Dreams

El Paso High School

El Paso’s high school has a long tradition of random people appearing in yearbook photos when at the time when the photos were taken nobody was present in that spot in the photo. Alongside that, basketballs are known to dribble at night and strange noises can be heard, as if a rally was going on. The school is still in use, which would make it the creepiest school to go to.

“The Face” On The UT Medical School Building

The UT Medical School building in Galveston, Texas is decorated with a face of a man. The face appeared one day on the side of the building. The staff painted over it only for the face to show up again in a different spot. After multiple attempts of getting rid of it and failing, the staff decided to leave it be at the side of the building. It scares people every day.