10 Of The Craziest Cults To Have Ever Existed

Unification Church

Led by Sun Myung Moon, the unification Church is a group that proposes that Moon is in fact a living god in the form of the messiah. This means that all those who are part of the cult treat him as if he is royalty, showering him with gifts and money. Moon and several high-ranking members of the group have been banned from entering certain countries, with fears that they try to brainwash vulnerable youngsters to join the cult.

The Cosmic People of Light Powers

The Cosmic People of Light Powers is a cult that is based in the Czech Republic. The number of actual members is estimated to be between a few hundred and a couple of thousand, with each follower believing that there are lizard men who are using dark forces to control the bodies of human beings. They also state that 10 million spaceships led by an alien known as Ashtar surround the Earth.