10 Of The Biggest April Fools’ Day Fails Ever

Google April Fools Prank Backfired

Google has issued a public apology and subsequently removed a temporary email feature for an April fools joke this year.

On April 1st, Gmail users saw a ‘Mic Drop’ response feature to their email threads where a Minion character dropped a microphone. The feature was poorly received and many Gmail users complained that the animations are ‘childish’ and accidentally placed in important professional and business emails. Some users even said they lost their jobs and angered their boss because of the prank.

Google has removed the prank featured and issued an apology, blaming the mishap on a ‘bug’.

Man Steals $25,000 Diamond as a ‘Prank’

In Arizona, a man was arrested in April 1, 2014 for attempting to steal a diamond worth $25,000 by switching it with a fake on on his earring.

Phuoc Tran is arrested for attempting the robbery in a jewelry store at Arizona Mills Mall. He turned around and took the diamond and said ‘April Fools’ to one of the employee, who then examined the stone and recognized it as a cubic zirconia fake.

The next day, Tran sent a message saying the theft was a prank. He returned the diamond to the store and was later arrested by police. He admitted that he wanted to give a real diamond ring to a woman he has intended to propose.