10 New Species That Have Been Named After Pop-Culture Icons

Ampulex Dementor

A new species of wasp found in South-east Asia has been named after a popular element from the Harry Potter series. The wasp was called ‘Ampulex dementor’, after the terrifying dementors from the Harry Potter books. This is because the wasps are known to suck the life out of the cockroaches they torment.

Dendropsophus Ozzyi

National Geographic recently discovered a new species of frog in the Brazilian Amazon. They noticed that this frog had a very unique, unlike anything they had ever heard before. So they aptly decided to name it after Ozzy Osbourne and call the specie ‘Dendropsophus Ozzyi’. The mating call is supposed to resemble that of a bat, and as we all know, Ozzy once bit the head off a bat, hence the name.