10 Nations That Won’t Exist In The Next Century


Taiwan is a very interesting country to research as the general population usually isn’t aware of the fact that both China and Taiwan still consider Taiwan a part of China. The only real debate between the two countries is which government is the legitimate one, the pre-WWII Republic of China government seated in Taiwan or the post war People’s Republic of China in Beijing. Taiwan currently operates as a wholly independent nation, but if the two governments reach an agreement, Taiwan’s existence will be erased and the nation will once again be just a province in China.

North Korea

Exactly like China and Taiwan, North and South Korea both insist on an eventual reunion. The difference between the two Koreas and their neighbor countries is in the fact that there’s a clear front runner when it comes to power and wealth. China and Taiwan are both powerful with their own strong economies and stable political situation, while the situation between North and South Korea can’t be more different.

The only thing North Korea can be proud of is a strong military as it is currently completely closed off to the rest of the world, the government run on the principle of a cult personality with the dictator Kim Jong-Un in charge. Most of the political analysts find it the matter of time before North Korea collapses and goes back to be an adjoining part of the Southern state, and North Korea ceasing to exist any longer.