10 Nations That Won’t Exist In The Next Century

The United Kingdom

United Kingdom may not be as subjective to climate change as The Netherlands, but the country as we know it may cease to exist soon. What many people often forget is that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is not the Queen of England, she is the queen of the United Kingdom, and the country has been formed as such for the last century, ever since the merger of the kingdom was formalized and the country was named “the United Kingdom of Great Britain”. Now more than ever the union between Scotland and England has been on shaky legs and there’s more and more advocates calling for the separation of the two united countries.


The forming of Canada didn’t go as friendly as the one that happened in Europe with the United Kingdom. French Canadians always considered the way they were slammed with the British Empire into a country more of an unwelcomed arranged marriage. French Canada was merged with the rest of Canada, with their main population becoming the province of Quebec, and ever since the 60’s a significant percentage of Quebec has been calling for sovereignty, led by the Parti Québécois with the most recent vote missing only 1% of the votes to pass.