10 Mysterious Pictures That Can’t Be Explained

John Doe 29

During an investigation, the FBI came across a series of disturbing photos of a young girl being abused by an unidentified man. The photo the FBI published above was the only one in the series that was safe to publish and shows the man holding the young girl. The man was named John Doe 29 and the problem with the photo is it cannot be established where it was taken or where and not one single person ever recognized the man.

The Babushka Lady

One of the biggest mysteries that still makes people wonder is who was responsible for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. One witness to the shooting that would be able to provide a lot of answers is a mysterious woman who got the nickname The Babushka Lady, as her scarf looked like one of those scarfs old Russian ladies wear. When the shot fired, she was standing in the clear view of the assassin. She was, however, never found or identified.