10 Movies That Were Ruined Thanks To Last Minute Changes

Once Upon A Time In America

Once Upon A Time In America has a reputation for being one of the most altered films of all time, after the studio decided to remove more than 90 minutes of footage from the final cut. This left the film as just over two hours rather than just below four hours, with a huge amount of the narrative and character development completely destroyed by the drastic changes. Fortunately, the original version has been released and is considered a classic.

I Am Legend

The film adaptation of the vampire science fiction thriller I Am Legend by Richard Matheson’s caught many people by surprise when it emerged that it had significantly changed the ending from the one in the novel. While the conclusion of the movie was meant to show that the vampires were only trying to get back their friend while Will Smith was really the villain, it ended up with the character fighting against the mutants as the studio felt audiences would react better to that. Not only did this spoil the entire meaning of the story but also made many of the elements leading up to the ending pointless.