10 Most Outlandish Con Artists Of All Time

Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn has made millions over the past few decades on his apparent ability as a prophet and his faith healing powers. Whether you believe in that or not, he certainly became more audacious as time went on. In 2006 he asked all of his followers to help fund a private jet, by donating $1,000 to his campaign. His excuse for having his own airplane? It would allow him to extend the reach of his ministry and help spread the word of the gospel.

Ferdinand Waldo Demara

Often called “The Great Imposter” for his ability to con people into believing he was anything from a Baptist minister to a lawyer, Ferdinand Waldo Demara pretended to be a professional in all sorts of fields. At different points in his life, and between his stays in prison, he acted as a sheriff’s deputy, civil engineer, psychologist, monk, prison warden and a teacher. He eventually managed to pose as a surgeon aboard the military ship HMCS Cayuga during the Korean war, where he performed number of improvised surgeries.