10 Little Known Finger-Lickin’ Facts About KFC

Selling The KFC Recipe

The creativity of Sanders didn’t stop with cooking. Having a mind for marketing, he sold all of his properties and continued by selling his fried chicken recipe to different restaurants. As he was infamous and with his permission, restaurants used his name and likeness for promotion. A few years later, the now infamous name of Kentucky Fried Chicken was adopted by all restaurants that sold the product and in 1963, they became the largest food chain in the United States.

Owned by PepsiCo

A year later, in 1964, the now 74-year-old Sanders decided to sell his company to a group of investors for the small amount of $2 million. However, he retained the right to stay on board and be a quality controller, as well as the right to appear in all of the commercials of the company, which turned him into a true celebrity. After a few more deals were made and after Sanders death in 1980, with more than 6,000 restaurants in as much as 48 countries, KFC was sold to PepsiCo in 1986.