10 Interesting Facts About The United Arab Emirates You Didn’t Know

A Range of Indoor Mall Activities, Including Skiing

You might think that indoor skiing is either a joke, or a hard failing attempt at a mechanized ski track, but you’d be wrong. The UAE introduced a Ski Village and Resort in its infamous Mall of Emirates, that has its own and the first in the world indoor Ski track. The size of the village is as much as 22,550 square meters.

The Future of Dubai, According to its Founder

Dubai is the biggest and most populated metropolis in the United Arab Emirates. However, much like its country, it’s one of the world’s youngest towns. One of its founding fathers, Sheikh Rashid, was asked about the future of the city and he had quite an interesting thought. He stated that both his grandfather and father rode a camel, and he drives a Mercedes, but while his son drives a Land Rover and his grandson will drive a Land Rover, his great grandson will, according to him, ride a camel.