10 Incredible Futuristic Weapons That Actually Exist

Armatix Digital Revolver

The problem with generic guns is that they can be operated by anyone and fired without any training whatsoever. To combat this issue, Amratix has developed a Digital Revolver that has a built-in safety device that only allows a person wearing a specific wristwatch to fire it after authorizing their fingerprints on the device. They hope that this will stop unauthorized people from discharging the weapon and prevent them from being stolen.

Auto Assault 12 Shotgun

The Auto Assault 12 is unlike any shotgun in the world. You might think that it would be more suited to a video game due to the fact that it can fire up to 300 rounds per minute, something that makes it distinctive. Most shotguns can only fire relatively slowly or a few rounds at a time, while the Auto Assault can lay down continuous fire over a sustained period of time.