10 Horrifying Ways The World Could End

Solar Flare

A solar flare as recent as 1860 was recorded to have set telegraph lines on fire. With that in mind, many do not understand the scale of our solar system. The Sun is so significant for life on Earth that if it were extinguished, 7 minutes later when its last light hits us, we would all die. When the opposite happens and the sun lashes out at Earth, we could be vaporized with enough force, and we could never see it coming.


80% of the men born in Russia in 1923 did not survive World War II. Taking into account the destructive weaponry we have today, it is not hard to believe we are able to destroy ourselves quite easily with nukes. With North Korea constantly threatening nuclear war with the United States, and the terrorists of the middle east constantly pushing their luck, its just a matter of time before someone presses a button they wish they didn’t. Some even believe that a large enough hydrogen bomb will cause a chain reaction in the atmosphere, cooking us all.