10 Horrific Incidents Where Teachers Killed Students

Yu Hagino

After being told that the parents of 12-year-old student Sayano Horimoto didn’t want him teaching her anymore, Hagino decided to get revenge on them by killing the girl. A week after the 23-year-old teacher was informed that he was not to be teaching Horimoto, both he and Horimoto showed up for a Saturday exam session. Horimoto was then locked into a room, alone with Hagino. He first tried hitting the young girl with a hammer, after having no success killing the girl, he decided to use a 30 centimeter knife to stab the girl 13 times in the chest, neck and face. After murdering the young girl, he called his father and admitted to killing her.

Nezma Khatoon

In February 2016, the body of 12-year-old Vinay Mahto was found on the steps of his hostel at the Sapphire International School in Ranchi, India. The young boy died in hospital from severe injuries to the head, chest, and liver.

After police found a CCTV of the boy leaving the hostel and heading to the teachers quarters, they interviewed teachers only to find that one of the teachers, Nezma Khatoon, had a son that had found that Mahto had feelings for his 11-year-old sister. Disapproving of this, Khatoon’s son badly beat him, when Khatoon and her daughter had come down stairs and found his badly beaten body, they decided the last step was to throw him out of the second story window of their house.