10 Horrific Incidents Of People Being Buried Alive

Marjorie McCall

Marjorie McCall was married to a doctor when she apparently passed away from a fever in the 18th century. Since she was quite wealthy, Marjorie had a very expensive gold ring and it was buried with her because her hands were so swollen that no one could get it off. A couple of thieves heard about the ring, and decided to go dig her up so that they could steal it. Once they dug her up, they realized the only way to get the ring was to saw off her finger, but once they started, Majorie awoke and started screaming, clearly scaring the thieves beyond belief.

Octavia Smith Hatcher

Octavia Smith Hatcher was declared dead in 1891. However, Hatcher had apparently just been in a “comatose-like state”. A few days after her burial, Hatcher’s family had concerns that they may have buried her too early. Hatcher’s husband asked for an emergency exhumation and then to his horror, he realized he had buried his wife alive. Hatcher’s nails were covered in blood from trying to get out of the coffin and her face was etched in terror.