10 Heroic World War II Soldiers Who Achieved The Impossible

James Hill

James Hill, a British Army Officer, was part of the 1st Parachute Brigade deployed in North Africa. On November 22, 1942, he successfully took on three Italian tanks alone. He charged them with nothing more than a revolver, dodging enemy fire the entire way. He subdued two of them by poking his revolver through the observation holes. While taking on the third, he was shot three times, but survived. He drew out the crew and won the battle.

Fritz Christen

Fritz Christen, a soldier in the Waffen-SS, was manned an anti-tank battery on September 24, 1941, when hell broke loose. Christen was completely alone after the rest of his squad was killed off. He manned the 50mm cannon, destroying 13 Soviet tanks and killing 100 soldiers across 3 days.