10 Ghost Sightings With Bizarre Consequences

Ghost Pilot Returns To Clear His Name

In 1913, a pilot by the name of Desmond Arthur died while flying his plane across Scotland. At first, Arthur himself was blamed for the crash. However not long after, personnel stationed at Montrose started seeing his ghost appear as he would haunt down his former airfield in response to the government investigation that smeared his name. As soon as Arthur’s name was cleared from having been responsible for the crash, the sightings stopped.

The Cock Lane Ghost Haunting

The “Cock Lane Ghost” is one of the most famous cases of several ghost sightings connected to a specific area. It all started when a journalist wrote an article saying a woman who died in one of the houses of the Cock Lane by the name of Fanny is now haunting the neighborhood because she was murdered by her husband. It all became a huge sensation when a seance was staged and Fanny’s ghost responded with a series of questions by knocking which “confirmed” her husband killed her.