10 Famous People Who Nearly Died Before Their Time

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin was definitely not a popular figure but he sure was famous in his time. He was responsible for the death of nearly 10,000 Russians between the period of September and October in 1918 alone. An assassin named Fanya Kaplan who was a part of the revolution against Lenin attacked him on September 3, 1918 while he addressed a crowd at a Moscow factory. She managed to put a bullet in his shoulder and jaw, but Lenin was a tough man and he somehow survived this encounter.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the most talented and famous actors in the world today, but his career nearly came to a shocking end a little while ago. When he was in Durban with two of his friends, his car broke down on the outskirts of the city. As the trio tried to repair the vehicle, a car full of six armed thugs turned up and abducted the three men. They searched them for valuables and took everything they had, after which they tied them up and threw them into their own car. Cumberbatch said that he was pretty sure he would be murdered soon after the kidnapping, but luckily for him and his friends the thugs decided to ditch them after a while and simply tossed them on the side of the road. They wrere soon rescued by people passing by, and Benedict Cumberbatch lived to tell the tale.