10 Extraordinary Trends That Will Make You Rethink What Beauty Is

Plump Bodies

Although many cultures value a thin physique as being beautiful, this is not the case for women in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, women who are plump or overweight (even obese) are considered physically attractive. Being overweight is viewed as a symbol of sexual beauty as well as economic status and social standing. Such a viewpoint rests on the fact that many women and children, in particular, of Sub-Saharan Africa are devastated by chronic malnutrition due to poor economic standing. This means the bigger the woman, the more financially stable and healthy she is perceived to be.

Snail Facials

A spa in Tokyo has taken the traditional spa facial to a new level. The Ci:z.Labo Clinical Salon started a “snail facial” clinic in which actual snails are placed on the faces of willing clients. The snails move their way across clients’ faces, leaving a trail of their slimy mucus. The snail slime reportedly contains proteins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation, and gets rid of dead skin cells.