10 Countries That Offer Mail Order Brides


China is the home of the classic Asian beauty brides. The Chinese women often have doll-like features that many men dream about. However, their character can sometimes be completely opposite from the way we perceive them, the women there tend to be aggressive, although respectful. There’s also the language barrier to think about, with many women never having traveled outside the country. For many Chinese women, marrying a white man will offer a measure of prestige in her family and many women will opt for arranged marriages for that reason.


Arranged marriage is still a part of the Indian culture. Part of India’s tradition is for the parents to match the youngsters which is a bit different than mail-order brides since that concept involves the independent bachelor to find the woman he wants. So, if you’re willing to do a few steps that include moving to India, befriending the parents of your future bride and making them think you’re the right choice for the arranged marriage, then India’s your country of choice.