10 Controversial Comic Book Stories That Shocked Readers

Nightwing #93

Nightwing has been sexually assaulted several times in his history within DC Comics. One of the strangest and most shocking came in Nightwing #93 when the hero was poisoned and lying on a rooftop completely helpless. Tarantula then forced herself upon him by pulling down his pants and raping him. The matter was made worse when the writer claimed that the scene was not a rape scene but a non-consensual love scene.

New 52

DC took a large amount of criticism in 2011 when they launched a brand new initiative for all of their comic books. While no individual story was particularly shocking, the way in which the company handled the change in direction meant that many important characteristics and established elements were revised. This left many fans alienated as some of their favorite works had been completely rebooted, while many felt that the dramatic alterations were unfair to long-time readers.