10 Completely Fabricated Stories Published By The Daily Mail

Cannibal Steak

In 2015, a few news outlets reprinted a dubious story about a restaurant in Nigeria that was discovered selling human meat to customers. The Daily Mail wasn’t the only news organization that fell for the bogus story, but they did take their embellishment to a whole new level by including a picture of the purported human flesh.

Of course, it wasn’t really human flesh, but a steak from a high-end London eatery called Hawksmoor. Understandably, they didn’t appreciate their product being used to represent human innards. Hawksmoor’s owner had to clear things up for the media. “For clarity’s sake,” he said. “We don’t serve human flesh, there are no severed heads in our kitchen, and we’ve never even been nominated for ‘Nigeria’s Best Restaurant’ or ‘Cannibal Menu of the Year.’

Science Sucks

A 2002 scientific study seemed to suggest that women who regularly had intercourse with male partners wearing condoms were more likely to suffer from depression than women whose partners didn’t wear them. They speculated the hormones found in semen may act as a natural anti-depressant. Unfortunately, the researchers failed to remember a key principle in scientific surveys: correlation does not imply causation. Put simply, this means the researchers jumped to the conclusion that the semen was responsible for the surveyed women’s improved mental health, while ignoring a host of other factors that could have influenced the findings.

True to form, the Daily Mail spun the story to imply that females who regularly perform oral sex on their male partners suffered less depressive symptoms than those who didn’t. But the original study never even examined oral sex, or whether oral ingestion of semen had any impact on mental health.