10 Box Office Failures That Caused Financial Ruin

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate has gained a reputation for being one of the biggest movie failures of all time. It had a hugely troubled production, with scenes having to be endlessly reshot and actors even being paid twice for their work as filming went on for so long. With an initial budget of $31 million and extra costs of $13 million, it went on to secure just $1.4 million at the box office, meaning almost everyone involved lost money on the project.

A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder is a film adaptation of the Ray Bradbury novel of the same name, which explores the consequences of time travel on history. It’s huge budget grew dramatically during production, eventually leading to the production company having to file for bankruptcy. This meant that the special effects had to be scaled back significantly while many scenes had to be scrapped altogether, leading to A Sound of Thunder becoming a huge flop in terms of finances and critical reception.