10 Bizarre Things That You Can Buy In Vending Machines

A Wedding

The AutoWed is a vending machine that will simulate the experience of you getting married. While it isn’t an official ceremony and doesn’t come with any legal responsibilities, it does offer the perfect way to test out whether marriage is really for you. All you have to do is insert your money and then type in your names. The machine will then read out some appropriate messages, ask if you definitely want to go through with the wedding, and provide a pair of rings and certificate.

Used Lingerie

While it was never a common type of vending machine, Japan did used to host a small number of specialist dispensers that sold women’s used underwear to anyone who was willing to pay the price. It wasn’t just vending machines either, stores would sell them after buying them from often underage girls who were looking to make extra money. A clampdown by the government and police effectively stopped this trade, though some machines continue to advertise selling used panties when in fact they are brand new and sealed.