10 Bizarre Lawsuits You Won’t Believe Made It To Court

A Tale Of Two Tigers

Tony the Tiger has been a mascot of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes since 1951 with his famous catchphrase “They’re Grrrrreat!” In 1959, another company by the name of ExxonMobil decided to bring their own tiger mascot into the mix, with their tiger selling motor oil. His catchphrase went: “Put a Tiger in Your Tank.” It was all fine until ExxonMobil tried using their tiger to market food and drinks from their Tiger Mart stores, which prompted Kellogg to sue. It ended up with both companies settling in 2001.

Taylor Swift Is Sued For The Number 13

Blue Sphere sued Taylor Swift for using the number 13 in her Twitter handle, and on some of her 1989 world tour merchandise as well as having it written on her arms. Some of the items actually had the phrase “Lucky 13” printed on them and the company has has the same phrase trademarked since 1991. In the end, they settled for what is believed to be a large sum of money.