10 Beloved TV Stars With Dark Pasts

Felicia Pearson

Better known as Snoop from The Wire. Pearson had a rough life from the very day she was born. The actress, who played a cold blooded killer on the popular HBO series was born with prenatal cocaine exposure, because both her parents were crack addicts. After being placed in foster care, the man who was raising Pearson died when she was 12. It was around this time she started dealing drugs. Around 2000, a chance encounter with The Wire actor Michael K. Williams landed her a role on the show. Shortly after starring in that series she wrote a book about her life in an attempt to help others.

Anthony Bourdain

Now the star of No Reservations and Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain is someone who looks like he’s got it all put together. Back when he was starting out, he was fighting drug and alcohol addiction. At one point his problem was so bad that he was selling his things on the street in order to make some money. Once he kicked the habit, he was able to get his life straight and made himself a career.