10 Amazing Facts About The Gaming Industry

It’s Big Business

Thanks to the huge success of consoles released by the likes of Sony and Nintendo, the gaming industry has grown immensely over the past decade to become an entertainment powerhouse. 2013 saw the industry bring in more than $93 billion in revenue, while the forecast for 2016 estimates that it could break the $100 billion mark.

Mobile Is Overtaking PC And Consoles

Meanwhile, the mobile market for video games is beginning to catch up to the more traditional PC and console markets. Despite the fact that most games for smartphones and tablets are free to play, in-app purchases and subscription services mean that they bring in huge amounts of money. One popular game, called Clash of Clans, was able to bring in revenue of $1.5 million each day. This has led to predictions that mobile games will account for around 37% of all revenue in 2016.